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DeviantART is one of the most popular online art sites. As dA grows each day, more and more new members register, which means more and more art is being submitted each day; with about 29,387,971 deviations to date. One of the most popular submission categories is photography. Within the Art Photography category, there are 12 subcategories, those containing even more subcategories. With all of these groups there are many photos that fall in between the cracks at this massive place we call DevianART. A selected party of 20 deviants and I have come together to show you photos that have gone fairly unnoticed from this passing year. These 16 categories range from Architecture to Fetish and show superb unknown works of 2006.

Abstract & Surreal

:thumb30233293: :thumb40550433: WAR : Sprayed shot. by DecoyRobot
after noon by kurkista Suburban Palette by MayaGen :thumb29284534:
Elemental Earth by onenutshort :thumb39081494: linear thought by tarynheart
Selections by bellchild

earth by shadtoto gasgun by devilsoap should i go to the party? by ssuunnddeeww
Back to front 2. by dstorted snapshot-my clever Q by lauren-rabbit :thumb38754771:
End of Nothing by firstsecond . fantasia . by thaez :thumb39455351:
Selections by orangebutt

Animals, Plants, & Nature

:thumb45068236: Gizmo 01 by fourlizards
:thumb37293635: Friends, we are. by ScottMoore :thumb35444797:
Lounge time by keoshi na goracym uczynku by HomoBogo Please? by jennyclsun
Selections by shyble

Insects & Spiders
The Greengrocer by biawak Watch your head by TheMadTracker Backswimmer by EdwinBont
:thumb42087437: Lookin up by Dickie67 RaAaR by wolfskin
When i grow up by TheMadTracker Green Beauty by justinblackphotos Betrayal by Ayash
Selections by Blepharopsis

Flowers & Plants
:thumb29700124: Small Friends by Westik Droplets by justinblackphotos
:thumb29740953: MAKEAWISH_butdontsayitoutloud by super-glue blowing by ofstars
Soul of autumn by aural V by LordSaddler El Corazon Marchito by garvan
Selections by isabelucha

Nature & Misc.
fist one of the year by jermio :thumb33691077:
Seaternity by Delacorr The little Harbor by Manu-80 full moon by Rohwen
Gibraltar Falls by Abank :thumb28380637: :thumb44917936:
Selections by brennennn

Zerfall. by LeaHenning :thumb40754323: linecurvetoneshape. by amour-etranger
:thumb35012381: :thumb33624660: where'd you.go? by xlostfaith
:thumb32291002: through the swirl by aStormcrow Cubicles by enochLIEW
Selections by brennennn

People & Portraits

deteriorate by ivorylily :thumb35730735: :thumb35942722:
le chocolat by czekolada Self Portait II by ayaspiralout :thumb33081888:
:thumb35495769: storm by seventytw0dpi L'art de l'impurete blanche by ennil
Selections by larafairie

Glamour & Fashion
in the morning by sarinni :thumb45152943: :thumb42068772:
:thumb43082324: water by Eliara Flying trousers by foto-z
portish by sabai :thumb30725856: _iris_58 by lobur
Selections by corollary

:thumb43803111: Devil's Kiss by CherryStarlet13 White Russian or Two? by HaLoTrAcTiOn
:thumb45129128: The Black Dress by mrb24 :thumb39613673:
:thumb44844932: :thumb36296462: :thumb40045849:
Selections by serpentinekiss

every.time by AnBystrowska Day Light 3 by beddy :thumb43261702:
Warmth II by ThreeLibras in the corner by godhatesphysics The African 2 by fb101
polaroids by venskab s.moot.h by SnjezanaJosipovic smoke by frida-vl
Selections by mnoo

Still Life
Yummy by Alexbalix :thumb45031199:
:thumb45038744: :thumb35324248: :thumb35152658:
Still Life by goxelates Still Life by itash :thumb44908185:
Selections by AshleyxBrooke

Urban & Rural
G by bocokok :thumb34479626:
Le banc II by lawra Subtes 5 by ChrisT-Blood wall street by Christophe-Niel
:thumb44879292: :thumb43788980: -Pointless- by Projectyourself2006
Selections by gsu

newyork.01 by Killshi7 not parking... by aartvocado
rush by caraazul77 069 by Bacchanalian
roadway star by radiohat Untitled_ by JamesBardolph Pigeons by fate-f8
Selections by MyPrivateParty

Photojournalism & Commercial Photography

Zomo 6 by rumun :thumb44710725:
:thumb27715210: Forbidden City No.1 by deviantpasta little girl and her sister by freakme
Leonard by NicoMondrian _naki 01 by bule gypsies festival istanbul by muchox
Selections by rakastajatar

:thumb33464317: :thumb45394829: Shades by ZirTuan
Underwater06 by sim4nee smile by SOOO :thumb40893693:
Eve by sharadhaksar white shadow by hakanurf Avalon Medical Spa Ad 2 by Anyssa
Selections by ssecret

:thumb39465663: Lily Conservatory by LadyRSanti :thumb40604702:
Riverside birch. IR by Tinnunculus Aged by GiveInToLOVE MMoCA - Pt. 2 by FlashKid105
Seashell II by smsccr Beach Run by prink :thumb42864766:
Selections by kil1k

disconnected by girlfromvenus :thumb43992265: :thumb44984434:
The Wild 20 by thejcgerm TS4- Wreck on Building by OnVee1 EK Holden sedan by SpaceJunk2
Tweedledee and Tweedledum by factorone33 :thumb44178578: Over the mountain I by kc7eph
Selections by The-Egg

:thumb25927418: untitled I by FredG
le supplice by IamAnIcon :thumb28545809: :thumb31330136:
:thumb41717382: One Night, While On A Walk.... by visceral shivasana by seventytw0dpi
Selections by jonjacobsen

Horror & Macabre

Mature Content

had an itch by sugarlesskittie
Me and my axe by Pixelcoma
:thumb42211888: The Dead Next Door by byrnfri :thumb36194252:
Too Late by woodsac Punish the Children by WinterRose31 . by killywilly
Selections by TanyaSimoneSimpson

Misc. Categories

Stock Photography
:thumb37717440: Snake skeleton stock by Borzag-Stock :thumb35029181:
:thumb36099485: experiment1-7 by nobledeath-stock waterfall 04 by taking-stock
:thumb30797327: :thumb42980083: 35-verde look by petronieska-stock
Selections by Doubtful-Della

Vintage & Retro Photographs
pixie che by junm Cucumber Pilot by s9 Tulips 4 by rogue-designer
:thumb41156714: :thumb25288805: Lost Highway by rHytHm123
:thumb45051362: :thumb42210366: :thumb39827433:
Selections by CrimsonEuthanasia

These artists put a lot of effort into their pieces of art, so please be kind with your comments and critiques. I hope you look foward to next year's selections!

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obsadan Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2008   Photographer
I did not know that my photo has been featured here. Thanks friends :)
prodeejaysoz Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008
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JMoura Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007   Photographer
Very well done selection!
Vagp Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2007
nice selection :D
foto-z Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2007  Professional Photographer
I'm truly honoured to have had one of my images selected. Thank you!

Lord-Alex Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2007  Professional Photographer
Veri nice photos!
freede Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2007
Wow! there is some amazing weork up on here great choices :)
tyrannicus Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2007   Writer
good features
Niktoria Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007
Great works.:heart:
trinity03 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2007
Finally some artists get the respect they deserve :]
Muddy-Fox Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2007
Some cracking photo's, Great work all :)
hatefueled Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2007
:wow: O M G! :eyepopping:
AshleighPopplewell Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2007  Professional General Artist
:w00t: *The-Egg is featuring now? Awesome
comanom Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2007  Student
very good pictures!:)
standawhileinthought Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2007   Photographer
these are beautiful! thank you for creating this!
Volovo Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2007   Digital Artist
fantastic collection - great art
zannapic Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer's hoping I make onto the 2007 selections
James-Lee Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2007   Photographer
I'm kind of disappointed that there was no infants and children category. Nice selections though. :)
Doubtful-Della Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2007  Professional Photographer
Oooh that would be a good category. We will have to remember that for next year... or just do a second article with categories that we missed!
ChrisT-Blood Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2007   Photographer
wowww, i have one of my Pictures here!


Thanks a lot!
gONZOm Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2007
wow, great sellection :w00t:
its really hard to choose, but very well chosen:)

(and i really like your avatar:P)
stepheniekoerne Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2007  Professional Photographer
Thanks so much for including me in this article! The images chosen are all wonderful - there are some amazingly gifted photographers on this site.
brewer23 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
Im so flattered to be featured here as there is so many beautiful pieces :D :nod: :nod:
Caluchan13 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007
amazing selection!

great pictures!!

LeaHenning Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007  Student Photographer
so nice to get through all these gorgeous choices
and seeing my architekture piece up there as well
Thank you.
ConceptualMiracles Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
to be honest, I've seen better unknown retro/vintage photos than chosen over here
Doubtful-Della Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2007  Professional Photographer
That's nice. You should write a news article on it
ssecret Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2007
:rofl: I just read this
Doubtful-Della Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2007  Professional Photographer
:lmao: sometimes I just have to reply with the stupid stick
ssecret Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007
each to his own, then.
h4waiian Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007
cool ;]
Saiyanka Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007
GREAT!!!!! :wow:
Aukon Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007
Very good selections!
JulieCerise Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007
xXPrettyWhenUCry Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Great selections you made, thanks!
vampire-zombie Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007  Professional Photographer
Wow, every last selection is completely amazing! Thank you for sharing all those photographs with dA :D
boxedphotos Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007   Photographer
WOw great selections for each catagorie...
Thank you for including me in these amazing pieces wow what a honor!
tumasch Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007
Wow, what an accumulation of great photographs. A long way to get there still...^
MissPackman Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
I love the quaity that these images have....grhhh I need to get better!
Doroo Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007
great show - thanks for that! It just tells how much beauty is still hidden on dA :)
wolfskin Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the thumb. :)

I had to lol at myself, though, for the fact that that probably has to be one of my silliest artists' comments EVER. :giggle:
thetopcrusader Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006
Great selection of pictures - thanks so much for posting these!
kat-on-your-mind Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006   Photographer
I can't believe these pictures have not gotten the credit they deserve. I'm jealous.
hexlord Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice stuff there :)
LadyRSanti Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006  Professional General Artist
Thank you *kil1k for selecting one of my pieces for this wonderful display of photos!!!:love: Really great pictures!
xlostfaith Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006
awesome!!! thank you so much!!! :heart:
stolenbliss Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006   Interface Designer
AMAZING selections!
woodsac Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to put this together!

And of course for showing one of my images :D
chibiaya Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006  Student Photographer
brennennn Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
What do you find funny about this article?

I'd love to know. :)
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